SX-1 and Touch Screen Interfaces


Feb 3, 2013
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SX-1 LE v. 1.52
I know I'm digging in here but help if you can.

I just picked up an Acer T230H 23" touch screen LCD. It works great with Windows 7 and 8 and requires no additional drivers or software as I'm told it uses an older and very common standard UID driver to operate as an input device.

I understand there are about five variations of the USB UID driver that have been used over the years. I also read that the SX-1 runs on basically BeOS 4 with the networking elements added in. Does anyone know what type of USB UID support BeOS 4 and the SX-1 offer? Does anyone know of a techy-brainy type that may have developed the SX-1 who may be at the very least be able to tell me what I need to say to a local software engineer type if I were to attempt getting this touch screen to work with the SX-1?

I found an article about Haiku being looked at by someone on the Forum who may be attempting to run the SX-1 on it. The thought of a resurgence of the SX-1 under a modern OS that people actually take interest in is really cool to say the least.

Even with the issues I have had with my SX-1, it still runs circles around anything else and I've used them all.

I know there is someone out there still tinkering with the core of this thing!
The USB ports on the SX-1 were disabled in the OS because they sometimes caused the machine not to boot up. They're USB 1.1 only anyway, so no chance of hard drive use, only mouse/keyboard.

Hi Redbus,

I've no interest in using the USB ports for hard drive use. I'm just hoping to hack together a USB UID (user interface device) driver that let's the SX-1 see the touch screen as if it were a mouse and keyboard. This isn't critical but something
I want to at least attempt.
When I say disabled, I mean - USB drivers were removed from the SX-1 OS because they caused these crashes at start up. USB support in R4 was very poor.

There's nothing going on over those ports at all.

I was going to try running the SX-1 binaries in Haiku, but I never got a VM going with Haiku and usable networking.


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