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Nov 13, 2012
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I just bought a motherboard as a spare for the SX-1 and would like to get a CPU and SDRams to go with it. I haven’t found any references in the documents that I have as to the actual model being used. Does anyone know which AMD CPU that I would need; Duron 750 series Socket A 462 D750AUT1B?

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SX-1's shipped with Durons between 650MHz and 900Mhz, any one will work. 950MHz CPUs were never qualified, they produced more heat than the fan assembly could reliably extract.

PC100 and PC133 memory works fine - but the motherboard only runs it at PC100 speed. 256MB max per slot. Don't go over 512MB.

I didn't think there was a problem, going as high as 3 sticks of 256mb ram Redbus?
When you go above 512MB, it exposes a bug in the BeOS kernel related to swap memory that causes a hard lockup when performing a write to the CD (backup or audio CD creation). We were never able to find a work-around.

If you're not using the CD, the SX-1 is stable with 768MB, but the extra memory doesn't actually give you any benefit, it's never allocated.


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