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May 28, 2013
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having trouble getting my triton pro korg keyboard to sync up with the dm4800 mixer and or x48 recorder. the recorder is word clock and the keyboard is just regular midi timecode. do I need something like a device in between?
particle zoo said:
the recorder is word clock and the keyboard is just regular midi timecode
Word Clock and Time Code are 2 totally different beasts and can co-exist just fine.

Word Clock: Tells devices when to send/receive a sample of digital audio.
Time Code: "Wall-clock" time in hours:minutes:seconds:frames (may or may not be the same as shown by your regular clock/watch ... but that's not important).

I recommend to use your X-48 as Time Code master device (wether or not it is your Word Clock master). You can do it like this:
1. Connect X-48's TIME CODE OUT to DM's TIOME CODE (in)
3. Verify your DM sends timecode to MIDI OUT (menu MIDI/SETUP): MIXER -> FILTER (MTC checked) -> (switch on) -> MIDI OUT
4. Connect DM's MIDI OUT to Triton's MIDI IN
5. Set your Triton to listen MTC from MIDI IN (don't no how or even if this step is needed)

WHOOPS! That was a bit too "nerdish" approach ... X-48 also sends MTC to it's MIDI OUT so you can just connect X-48's MIDI OUT to Triton's MIDI IN.

I have a pro peak or peak pro mastering program.Would anybody know what apple hard drive would be the best for this program working in conjunction with X48 tascam recorder and a DM4800 tascam mixer :?:
What are you mixing down to? DAW, another target device, or within the X-48?
In any case, transferring/loading the 2-mix into the mastering program would allow you to use any suitable HDrive without need to have the X-48 running simultaneously.

Think of it this way: if you didn't perform your own mastering, you'd send your mix to a mastering house by some other means - CD/DVD, FTP, or interweb upload. Same concept applies here.


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