TASCAM 12: EQ to reach Ableton?

Discussion in 'USB PC Audio Interfaces and Control Surfaces' started by looneytv, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. looneytv

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    Jun 2020
    I'm thinking of buying a TASCAM 12 to use it as Mixer Controller for Ableton. There's something I'm not sure about:

    Do you know if the EQ from the TASCAM12 would get to Ableton's audio track inputs?
    It's got an Audio Interface and a surface control for DAWs. But I want to get sure that the Analog EQ will be lost, since it's USB connected to the DAW.

    I'm reading in the manual that in PC Mode you can select POST EQ so EQ in Enabled and sound from computer is sent. Is that what I want to do?