Tascam 122 mk1 recording problem

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    Sep 2023
    Tascam 122
    Hello everyone!

    I picked up a first generation 122 recently. Got the belts and pinch roller replaced and it plays my cassettes wonderfully now in both channels.

    I say that because when recording, there's no sound in the left channel. With the monitor switch on source, I hear both channels. On tape, no left channel. Rewinding the tape and playing back normally also shows nothing being recorded in the left channel.

    I unplugged the connector for the record head, depinned it and swapped the wires for the right and left channel and the problem moved to the right channel so I know my record head is good.

    The problem persists with all bias, eq, noise reduction settings and with both inputs.

    Has anyone ever encountered a problem like this? I'd appreciate any help that could send me in the right direction to fix this.