Tascam 238

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  1. Pierre Renaud

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    Sep 2020
    tascam 238
    I just purchased a tascam 238 multitrack cassette recorder. Is anyone using this product if so I am looking for recommendations on what mixer to use with this

  2. Caveman

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    Dec 2014
    I use whatever I feel like using that day. I use a a&h gl2400, Alesis Studio 32, Tascam 3, Mackie d8b or if I want to challenge myself I’ll use an Alesis 1622. I also have a bunch of mic pres I will use straight to 238 monitor on one of boards mentioned.

    I’m very fond of the Alesis Studio 32. Cheap, great routing options, ok eq, the 60mm faders mean you don’t have to move them as much lol I bought my first one brand new paid about a grand US but today $50-200. I have two here linked together. Bought both used one had been in shop for complete clean up. Keep em covered when not in use more so than most other boards. They collect debris and pots faders get scratchy fast. The buttons are real small I have fat fingers I use pencil eraser to work the buttons.
    No wow factor with them for sure, small footprint and on the Internet they get bashed but I notice on those sites ppl bash gear they’ve never owned or used. I can tell by some of the dumb comments they make ie: the 32 uses monolithic construction so you can’t fix them if they break and it’s in plastic. WRONG!!!!
    Alesis studio 32 is one of the most underrated boards ever made imho. Just about any tascam board mackie like their old 1604 would work I’ve seen them for $50 I used one of those around 1990 with a fostex 8 track it was ok. I lean towards the 32, cheap, decent sound, great routing more than capable.

    Hope that helps.
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