Tascam 24 Stereo Monitoring issue with PC playback over USB

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    Jun 2020
    Model 24, 244 tape deck,l
    I was monitoring a remote session over the internet via the Tascam 24 when it became apparent that no matter how the pans were set on my mixer, I was hearing mono.

    I figured out that I had forgotten to bus channel 2 to main.

    Ok, did that - now I had two channels of mono. Looked on the Tascam's meters - when the remote guy panned left the signal panned left on the meters, just not in my phones

    Brought up the Main fader, guess what, I'm only getting stereo in the Main outputs, not the Phones... Panning left and right actually controls panning in the Mains, but not in the headphones.

    What is going on???

    Any one have any ideas? [edit: noting that in settings on the device, USB Audio is set to Multi, maybe setting Stereo would work? Will try buy I would normally expect if I'm sending any number of audio channels to the mixer's USB interface, stereo or not, each channel should be pan-able in the control-room...]

    [edit #2 figured it out I think because it turned out it was only mono in the phones, human error: the extender I used for my headphones isn't TRS, its TS, mono! Doh!]
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