Tascam 244 Belt Replacement


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Aug 2, 2015
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I’ve replaced the capstan and control belts on a 240v/50hz UK version of the Tascam 244 and still having problems getting the transport back in action. Maybe someone familiar with this procedure can help...

After fitting new belts I power up the unit and put a tape inside. The tape sensors at the top initiate the capstan motor as soon as the tape is inserted, even though none of the transport controls are engaged. The belt generally rolls off the capstan motor wheel after a about 10 seconds, but while the belt is on, the transport is not affected, the tape doesn’t go anywhere....

I ordered another belt of the smaller size, I think this is used on the 60hz models. It looks like a better fit but I still get the same problem...

Any ideas?!
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The belt you need to use has to be wide enough to make use of the crown in the pulley. Some belts that are sold may be the right IC but only 1/8" and you will get what you are seeing with them. Also if you order too thick a belt that can have a lack of stretch and conformity to the pulley. I have also noticed in some machines that there are rubber motor mounts in cassette decks that are not holding the motor square so that the pulley is tipped in one direction or another. Then while adjusting the motor with a screw driver physically the belt will center itself on the crown. There can be a lot of dynamics going on that people do not understand if they don't work on machines all the time. So I would try to get as close to the original belt as is possible in thickness, width and the IC dimension. I have worked on a few 244 lately and have not had the problem. I have been getting my belts from Consolidated Electronics in Ohio USA.
Thanks for the information! Is it normal for the capstan motor to run when the tape is inserted even though the transport controls have not been engaged?
I think there is a cassette in switch in the upper right corner that activates the capstan motor. If the motor was not running when you pressed a button then customer would complain about the time it takes to get to speed- that is why it is running.

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