Tascam 2488 Crashing Problems


Feb 23, 2013
Gear owned
So recently i had the opportunities to track a few bands live. So i cleared the unit up and formatted the hard drive. I tracked the 1st band on friday and it was 6 tracks from the board for about 2 hours at 16bit. After like 3 hours of exporting to fat i had a power failure. I was like crap i hope all isnt lost? Powered it up and it was good to go. No missing data. I looked in the export folder and two of the tracks had exported so i copied them off and they sounded fine. I didnt have time to export the rest so i packed it up and off to show #2. I recorded the 1st band under song#2 with no problems. Recorded the next band under song #3 and no issues. However, on the last band about 10 minutes in i look at it and its just showing a message that says something like internal system failure.. I had no other option than to just power it down. upon power up it started a new song. So i just armed the tracks and hit record. about 5 minutes in another crash and this happened about 5 times in a row and eventually the band was done playing and i was left with just a bunch of empty songs. I figured that would happen with no successful save event in between crashes. All the other bands data was safe and exported fine but i am wondering what could have caused these errors? What should I have done differently? Signs of an aging unit? Time to upgrade? Please chime in if you have any experience with this... Thanks in advance,

My best guess is that it is an old bugaboo with hard drive recorders. A lot of people have reported problems with bass frequencies affecting the hard drive when recording live. Some folks have had some success with placing their recorders on padding.
Thanks for the tip Keith! That makes sense and I will give that a shot next time!
Just as a follow up I experienced the problem again when tracking drums and then remembered your post so i set it on top of some foam and it didn't do it anymore so it WAS the "shock" getting to it.. Wish an SSD would work..

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