TASCAM 302 input not working/dual rec won't engage & wont go into record ready for either deck??


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Mar 7, 2024
Gear owned
Tascam 302
Bought a 302 off reverb - Store had great reviews and seems to sell a lot

I'm totally new to this

Per listing its supposed to work totally fine

Following the instructions in the manual it doesn't seem like I can get it to go into ANY kind of RECORD READY mode

Pressing DUAL REC does not turn on the LED + attempting to record using single deck (either) RECORD LED doesn't come on either

Aside from that I've been trying to monitor/record input from my PC via a focusrite solo - nothin

Solo to 1st deck/common & 2nd deck inputs, nothin - doesnt register a peep on the lvls display

All playback and output seems to be totally fine

Could I be missing something obvious bc I'm inexperienced? Followed the manual info exactly, checked my cables and pc output lvls etc

What could be the issue(s)?

Any help would be amazing

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