TASCAM 3200 w8 hui problems


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Feb 10, 2015
Recenly i changed my OS, and my PC. I have a DIGI002, and a TASCAM DM3200.
When i was working with Win XP 32bit, and a pro tools 7 i never get this error, but now that i update my OS to W8.1 64bit and the pro tools 10.3.9 im having next error:

All is detected ok in W8, i mean in Control panel/Sysyem/devices i get correct drivers for sound (digi002 ok, and tascam3200 ok).

I open pro tools 10.3.9 and in midi Setup/Peripheri/midi controller i select the #1HUI with receive and send in 5
and the same in #2 HUI but in 6

well then i get a "X" on the HUI in my tascam and in pro tools always shows me the "HUI" error.

So i can move on the tascam and pro tools detects all faders, but not in the reverse direction i mean if i touch in pro tools faders i get no response in tascam 3200.

Please i need help, because im fighting aginst this and cant get solutions!

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