Tascam 38 erase problem / 244 DBX pump


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Dec 8, 2014
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My 38 refuses to erase anything. Even just a silent record-over-all-tracks in repro or sync mode; doesn't matter, nothing will clear the tracks. Last time it was connected up it recorded tracks fine. I have in the past torn the unit down and re-flowed the solder joints on the main board and re-seated all cards. I've even swapped the cards around, etc. I did, however, turn the trimpot on the master oscillator when I was trying to diagnose this and don't know if it's set correctly. But the problem occurred before I did that. I'm just trying to finally do something with the unit because it's getting to be a waste of space if it doesn't work and I'd like to either fix it or move it.

The other thing I'm wondering about is a more common issue; my 244 has that DBX "pumping" sound (or so it has been described as such) where you get that little pump of hiss on most standout notes. It's pretty annoying considering the unit works well otherwise. Is there really anything that can be done about this or is it kind of a done deal?
most erase problem come from lack of clean heads- most people for some reason do not think the erase heads needs to be cleaned. After that a scope would be used to determine if the head is getting a good signal. Moving pots was a very bad idea to resolve a problem.
The 244 is pumping because it is far ot of calibration. I have one on the bench now.

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