Tascam 414 mkII issues

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    Hi there. I was cleaning out storage today and came across our old Tascam 414MKII. I thought I’d clean it off and mess around with it, however when I turned it on and tried to use it with a tape it made an awful noise. It makes the noise when it’s empty as well. Tapes don’t play properly. I’m used to repairing computers do I thought maybe I’d have a go at fixing this up if possible. I opened it up and I can tel this thing has taken a bit of a beating between moves. The last time it was used was probably a little over a year ago. I’ll attach some video of the issue. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    If you are going to fix it you would start at the transport and see what the noise was. The last one I worked on like that had old hard grease that did not allow parts to move into position properly. It took a good amount of taking it apart but it worked well after I got done with it. These were not high end transports but made good enough to work on the budget that these sold for. An Open Reel set up would have been better but they are larger, cost more and use more expensive media. The difference is that they can make a finished product while these are just for concept development. Some of them were made for ONLY chrome tape.