Tascam 464 only plays, RW or FFW for a few seconds


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Jan 14, 2024
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tacam 424

I`m having the following issue with an old and not running tascam 464:
- I replaced the C gear, it was broken
- Replaced the belt
- Cleaned and lubricated the mecha parts

Heres a video of the problem:

So now, the unit runs fine in TEST MODE (holding play button and turning it on), when the Cassete Switch is closed, it STOPS
Speed and tape torque seems good in the few seconds that is plays the tape, I can also record in the fews seconds that it runs before stopping

All motors are running fine, so I started looking for eletronic component problem, and started from the nearest the cassete switch and tryied to test the U11, its a UN4212 transistor, but I dont know if its good or not, any tips on testing it? looks like its not a normal transistor

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