Tascam 464 tape head froze while engaged in cassette


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Nov 12, 2014
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Tascam 464
My Tascam 464 tape head suddenly froze while engaged in play. It actually didn't play---the play, rewind and forward buttons(and other's, I think)) all started blinking at once and the next thing I knew none of the transport buttons triggered anything at all. The motor was whirring and making a loud out of control sound and my cassette was stuck with the play head engaged inside it but not turning the tape. I managed to pry the tape out and then opened the 464 and examined the cassette and motor cartridge. I can see that the flywheel still has a good belt on it but I haven't opened up the casing surrounding the unit any further. All I know is that the play head is still in the engaged position and the flywheel and capstain(?) spin continuously when I turn the unit on.. Anyone have any schematics for the Tascam 464 motor area--or any pictures or videos? Anyone deal with this situation on the 464 or other similar units? Thanks, nyoung
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Dried up grease in it and probably a broken gear like the 122 Mk III transport is likely to have happened. A Service Technician is required.

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