Tascam 48 sync to DAW??


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Aug 2, 2013
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Tascam 48
I just purchased a Tascam 48 tape deck and want to sync it to Cubase. There is an 'accessory' plug on the back that I've heard is for syncing it to other devices via SMPTE or MTC. How does this work and where can I get one of those cables?
Depending on the type of interface you use the 48 can probably only be used as master in a sync situation. you'll have to record SMPTE time code via an audio connection to one track, 1 or 8 is best, avoiding audio/magnetic spillover to an adjacent track, and such an interface that can read it back and convert it to MIDI timecode (MTC). Also a computer and the version of say windows you use might define what interface you can use. i still have an old Unitor 8 serial version for sale, but it has been discontinued and only works with older MAC and Windows sytems. How ever as stand-alone unit it can read SMPTE and send out MTC. More professional systems like a Adams Zeta III can control a recorder with the proper interfaces connected from software like Cubase, but it will need the MIDI option fitted. -F
I have an Adams Smith Zeta Three for sale, with remote. for sale, with the MIDI MTC option installed. Never used it with my Tascam 58 as MIDI MTC slave however, only slaved to a master SMPTE Video recorder, but it should work that way too probably .... ?

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