Tascam 488 Group 1 (tracks 1-5) not working

Discussion in 'TASCAM Analog Forum' started by tanqueray, Dec 2, 2020.

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    Dec 2020
    Tascam 488, Tascam 424
    I've recently adquired a Tascam 488.

    What i saw first is that the preamp for the track 1 is not working properly, whenever i crank its volume all the way up i cant hear anything. However, the volume meter shows something if i have its volume all the way up, but it ain't the mic or instrument plugged in. My best guess is that it is noise. If i record something, it can be heard but wayyyyy too low.

    What i tried is using track 2 (all the other tracks work in the mixer) assigning the record function to track 1. The meter shows the correct levels though when i playback what was recorded, the same thing happens in which the volume is wayyyy to low. This also happens with track 5

    Having said that, i think that there is something wrong with group 1. I don't know if what is causing it is the thing with the preamp on track 1 (if i use the input on track 5 i can hear it normally through it though not its recording).

    I need guidance as i have already opened a few portastudios but i have never dealt with this problem. I could give it to a technician but first i wanna know if i can do it myself