Tascam 688 idler tire, lube and other help requested

Discussion in 'TASCAM DIY Repairs and Mods' started by SpringGoose, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. SpringGoose

    SpringGoose New Member

    Nov 2019
    Like many people, I'm trying to restore my Tascam 688 so that I can transfer my old recordings to digital. Mine plays slow and very likely varies in speed while playing. The motor and capstan belt were replaced (by somebody else) but didn't seem to fix it. I have a PDF of the service manual, and I am going to attempt to:

    1. Change the idler tires and belt (just to be sure), sourced here:

    But I can't find instructions on how to do the idler tires. No video or posts that I've located.

    This video shows how to do the belt:

    So that probably gets me most of the way. Advice appreciated for the idler tires.

    2. Restore the pinch roller (as they are not currently available). Sounds like lightly sanding it and then washing it with soap and water is my best bet.

    3. Lube and oil as @SkywaveTDR has preached using Lubriplate 105 and AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-30 motor oil. I still need some pics on the exact locations to lube and oil though as I don't want to mess that up.

    4. Change the battery while I'm in there. It's a CR2430 for those wondering.

    Lastly, the person at dynamtechgroup.com indicated that most likely the speed issue is not the motor but "it is a board component problem (capacitor) that is easy to fix" and he is going to follow up with instructions. When I get this info I'll post it here for others to benefit from and hopefully be able to do that repair myself.

    Advice on idler tire replacement, pinch roller restore, and lube locations for the Tascam 688 welcome. Thank you!
  2. Faraz Hussain

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    Feb 2015
    Any luck with your restoration? I have a 688 and it too is suffering from random slow playback. Hopefully it is just belt. But if I open it up, I'd rather have everything to fix it at once.