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Nov 25, 2020
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It has been a few years since anyone asked, so I don't assume there are many folks left maintaining active 788 firmware ISO files.

HOWEVER. There is a Tascam-subsidiary website that appears to maintain some. You can see it here: http://tascam-ca.com/product/788/downloads/

Note that they keep V1.05, V1.10 and V2.02 there. My question is: the files are *.zip files, and if you extract them they do not end in *.iso. I assume these are not writeable ISO files. Can anyone weigh in as to what these files are, and how to use them? Thank you.

Bravin Neff
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For the future researchers...

I downloaded the v2.02 firmware file. On my Windows PC, I loaded the CDR drive with a blank 700MB CD. I dragged the Tascam 2.02 file over to the CDR icon, and burned the disc.

I then went over to my V1.07 Tascam 788. Turned on the Tascam CD burner with the 788 off, loaded the drive with the newly burned disc, waited for the light to register it. And after it did that, I plugged the CD burner's SCSI cable into the 788 and turned on the 788.

It was automatic from there. The 788 booted up, connected with the CDR drive, read the burnt 2.02 disc, updated itself, then ejected the disc, all with no intervention from me. My 788 is now V2.02.
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Send me an email address and I will send you a cloud link to download the V2.02 file. Then follow my instructions from the previous post, and it should update your machine.
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Hi Bravin, thanks very much for your help. I have now downloaded the file from your link and will post again once I have upgraded my Tascam 788 to v2.02.

Forums are wonderful!
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Good luck and let us know how it goes!

BTW I love the 788. I love the DAW too, and have for 20 years, but there's something magical about getting away from the DAW and forcing yourself to use your ears and *perform.*
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I have now upgraded my Tascam 788 to v2.02 and am very happy :^) Thanks Bravin.

I don't have a Windows computer and did everything using Linux. Just in case there is anybody out there in the same position, I have written out the Linux command line instructions that I used. I don't seem to be able to upload a file here, so am happy to email the instructions if required (they are a bit verbose to put here).
In answer to Bravin's original question on this thread, the download file (unzipped) is just a binary data file. It has to be converted to 'iso' before burning to CD. Presumably Windows does this on the fly but you need to do it explicitly if using Linux command line (using mkisofs).
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I also need that upgrade file and just sent you my email via that 'start conversation' route. Thanks!
Hi Bravin, do you still have the ISO file available for v2.02 update of the 788. I'm using mine to record my gigs without having to take a pc etc. & i'd like to have more space than the 16gb limit. my e-mail is bears_e@hotmail.co.uk
Thanks ever so.

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