Tascam CC-222SLmkII Recorder


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Apr 12, 2013
Georiga, USA
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I just purchased one of these to transfer tapes and vinyl recordings to CD's and am looking for a place to learn about other people's experience with this recorder. The CD-222 looks to be a more amateur recorder compared to the other equipment on this forum. Perhaps I'm in "over my head". Information is scattered in a lot of different sections in the manual, and using it is just a little bit more complex than I thought it would be. It is a very nice recorder, and there are a lot of input and output options. I'm not really thrilled about having to use the "Music" CD-R/CD-RW media. These Blank Music CD/RW's are a little expensive, and there does seem to be some compatibility issues. I hooked this recorder up to the tape2 monitor optputs on my stereo amplifier, and was able to make some CD's right out of the box, but the CD/R media is unforgiving if you mess up a track. I'm beginning to think that Its going to be necessary to record to more expensive Music CD/RW disks to get a "perfect" recording. Is anybody else is using the Tascam CC-222SLmkII recorder?

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