Tascam cd rw 901SL blowing fuses


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Dec 17, 2015
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Hello everyone
I've just registered so apologies if I'm in the wrong forum.
I was in my studio last night happily working away, when I heard a loud bang. This morning I opened the Tascam and found that the 2Amp glass fuse had blown.
I purchased a replacement fuse with the same rating and placed it in to the unit, pressed the power button, and BANG the fuse exploded.
I don't know why this has happened as up until last night it was working really well, so I am hoping that a forum member can shed some light on my dilemma and perhaps offer a solution.
Thanks to all in advance
Hi, and welcome! I would suggest the solution will at least involve opening the unit and checking the cicuit boards first for visual clues (burned components or solder paths). Possibly an electrolytic capacitor in the power supply has blown - they do that sometimes after aging. If it is something like that, you won't miss it.
Thanks for your reply, I couldn't find anything obvious so decided to have a professional repair it.
£70 and 24 hrs later turned out to be a bridge rectifier, not regretting the cost as the unit is still worth considerably more.
Thanks again
It is good that it was fixed. Sometimes they cut the components too close to the limit trying to get profit from sales. Good thing is that it does not happen all that much. Russ in New Jersey is where I sent my units from Radio as he had a lot of experience with them. Russ is owner of New Jersey Factory Service and ex-Teac employee and manage of the service facility over there.

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