Tascam DM-24 Power Supply fail


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Oct 29, 2012
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Tascam newbie arrived just in time to find this forum is winding down? Are there really only three topics?
Sorry if I've got it wrong!

I am hoping to find information on the Power Supply board for this model, which I am sure I saw a while back.
1) Is there any source of repaired boards, or anyone offering a repair service?
2) I have seen offers on e-Bay of ' Service Manuals ' that appear to include some descriptions of the various boards in the DM-24. Does anyone have a definitely authentic source of component level drawings?

My friend/client has this lovely bit of kit standing idle for many months due to lack of this Power Supply. I'm hoping to help. Please give me a guiding hand if you can !
Many good wishes to the forum
NickW, Nottingham England
Hi. This is a new board. After being gone for over 8 months or so.

I had some issues myself. And opened her and replaced some capacitors. I'm sure once those are replaced and no other components went to heaven you can get her up and running again...
Thanks Muziekschuur! I found out about the capacitors o.k. but there are many other significant components that have suffered a painful end. Without specs and diagrams, don't think there is much chance. Cheers
Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness - very much appreciated! All to do now is locate the bad bits on the board, and try to replace them.Ha!
The cards in the DM24 are big and soldering and desoldering parts are fairly easy. I'm quite sure, if no other parts are damaged, you will be able to revive this mixer...
I tried several times to repair my power supply,
replaced the caps but it blew again pretty quickly,
realised that it was a more complex fix, and i had more important hings to do

put the dm24 back in the box and gave up on it for a couple of years until i found out about this

There is a company in the USA who make an adaptor that allows you to use a standard computer power supply (atx) to power the console.


its down on the bottom right hand side of this web page

i bought one of these,
if i remember correctly, it cost me around USD $200
then i bought a fanless psu made by seasonic.
i removed the old power supply
i cut a hole in the bottom of the dm 24 just under where the power supply used to be
mounted this adaptor in the console so the plug was facing out through the hole then i simply plug the main power plug from the atx power supply (mounted externally) into this, and it works. very easy fix

apparently there are some small atx power supplies that fit inside the console too but i couldnt be bothered looking that hard as it was not so important for me to have it inside.

anyway, i am very happy with this solution, had it running again for about a year now.
Wow, they still make em? Mine was fixed with some elco's and is still working... (knock knock)
Cheers, chrisuhf! I'm on it, and have got a price for getting the adaptor to the UK.
(about$250). Now to see if the station will cough up!
Thanks very much for the information
Always turn the mixer off when not in use, and the room needs to be kept pretty cool. It's not unusual to leave gear on all the time in Radio and TV, but the DM24 does not like heat at all, I think the main cause of failure of the Screen and the power supply is an air conditioning fail. Gear with known design issues like the DM24 should always be turned off, and I wouldn't recommend using the DM24 in the sun on a hot day either. Ack - I love the thing, but it is heat averse.
I'm a noob but I thought I'd post my power supply repair details here. My trusty DM 24 gave it up but I found help on here about how to fix it. Unfortunately the old power supply was crispy black. It lost caps and transformer. I purchased a TFX 350 W power supply from Seasonic and wired up a connector board using the connectors from the old power supply. I made some brackets to hold the new supply in place. Fired it up this morning and everything is working OK.
As an afterthought, I could have cut the end off the original PS board and soldered the new wires to the correct traces. It would have saved a lot of work.

Don T.

ON EDIT: After running the console for a couple hours I opened it up to check temp. It was warm in there, although not as warm as our Digidesign Control - 24 gets and the fan on the PS was not spinning yet. The supply was just warm to the touch. Me thinks it will be ok.

I'm sure you've seen this before.

Here is the new power supply installed.

Here is the pin out for the adapter board - BOTTOM VIEW so this is how it looks from underneath while you are soldering to the connector pins.
Looks great indeed!

Few questions,
- does the psu start automaticly without a computerboard or do you have to connect the green and black wires?
- how many amperes does the 12v should be?

thanks in advance!
Yes, the sense wire has to be grounded
I'm not sure and did not measure how much current was being drawn by the DM. I used a 350W supply so there would be plenty. The instructions said that the cooling fan may not spin when turned on if the load is less than 50%, it does not spin.
thanks again.
any one recognizes the problem that the Tascam DM24 does make a lot of noise the first 10 minutes and after that is still humming a little?
Just to be sure before I spend a lot of money for a new power supply?
Diederik, your DM24 still has the original PSU?

My DM24 (approx. 10 years old and in use for live mixing and location recording today) still has the original PSU. But I replaced ALL capacitors in the switching PSU 3 years back, just to be sure, I had some strange failures once in a while.

* Fatal errors
* Complete lock ups of the software

The cost of new capacitors (Panasonic FM low esr) was approx. 50 euros.
All problems were and are still gone, the PSU/DM24 doesn't hum at all, it is dead quiet.
So instead of buying a replacement PSU you could replace all capacitors.

Are you based in The Netherlands?
Hi, thanks, yes i am in the netherlands. In rotterdam. Can you maybe give me the specs of the parts? Thanks in advance

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