Tascam Dm 3200 & External Monitor

Comandantu Renegat

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Aug 12, 2014
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Tascam DM-3200
hello :)
I saw some people that have a external monitor ... from where can i buy a external card for that ?

check out this web site :) http://www.2seemy.com/

BTW i'm from Spain ( E.U )
What do you mean by "an external monitor"? Can you reference where you saw this?
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I think Comandantu Renegat asks the question and gives the answer to it.. An external display can be connected to the DM with a 2seemy card. Click 'Order' on the site you linked.
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Yes, I ordered one last year and many more on this forum use the 2seemy card. The site looks a bit 'old style' maybe, but they do deliver! Also very good guidance on how to install the 2seemy card: you have to know it is not just a slot card in the back of the mixer but a little bit more work.

BTW, they are in Euope; France actually.
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excellent! thank you

i have to make certain settings in DM for the card to work ? ( stupid question :D ... always have to make some settings :D )
No settings at all! But, you have to open up the mixer, install the 2seemy printed circuit board and connect it between the mixer's display connection. Then install the connction part of 2seemy to the back of the DM or slot position and close the mixer again. See the 'Install' section on the site.
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