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May 28, 2013
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hello y'all, we bought the tascam dm 4800 mixer and recorder. i need to know how to record and rewind and hear it back without having to go in and change perameters each time. I can't seem to find a way. ..rockette morton
Not enough information. Have you gone to the Tascam support page yet?
There are plenty of instructions on how to set up the board with a variety of DAW's
hello, thANks for responding to my question. you needed more information. ..ever since we bought this unit (dm 4800) and record something you have to go into the input section and change the input from tdif to line/mic to record and then you have to change it backyou each time to hear it back and then change it back to record again. this is really a pain in the butt. ,,,,,,you said to look on the tascam support page. where do I go to find this web site. I really need help.....particle zoo.
You should configure your input routing as follows:
1. One layer (ch 1-24) for inputs MIC/LINE
2. One layer (ch 25-48) for returns from recording equipment (TDIF in your case?)
3. Last layer (ch 49-64) for returns from internal/external effect units etc
This is only an example. You may want to configure it differently, but it's a logical setup for a start.

Now you can listen to your microphones/instruments and recorder at the same time and without any need to modify routings during a session.
I just wanted to say thanks for a quick response. this info should help. now maybe I can keep some of the hair I have left on my head. ha. I will have more questions over the next few DAYS. we just found out about this forum . it's a blessing.
I noticed in your 'info box' that you use an X48. The 4800 (and 3200) mixer was designed to interface easily with the X48, and if you follow Jarno's set up instructions, you'll obtain an excellent general routing scheme. As he said, that's just a starting point; there are inumerable patching methods for a variety of scenarios.

Also, if you haven't already discovered this, the 4800's MMC menu will allow you total transport control of the X48 as well.

Jarmo describes setting up the DM4800 as a "Split Console." I do it a little different. I need to mix a show and track at the same time, this method lets me tweak my live mix by recording the rehearsal. You have two routable layers of selectable inputs on each channel. You can see the two boxes for each channel on the input page, the lower one is called "Returns." For the first 24 channels, I would route the analog ins 1-24 on the top input, and your TDIF in 1-24 to the returns layer. I would also route CH 1-24 out to TDIF 1-24 using the *input bypass* routing function, to send the micpres out direct to the recorder before the faders, eq, comp etc.
Ch 1-24 also go to the stereo outs. This way you can eq, comp, tweak your inputs as a working mix, and not affect the sends to the X48.

Now on playback, you can flip the inputs 1-24 in groups of 8 at a time to the TDIF ins on the return side input. Now when you playback, all the tracks sound the same as they have the same eq, comp, etc. applied. I use this method to do live mixes while also recording. When I record the rehearsal, I can tweak it for the webcast or a house mix in the space before the show. Or even take the recording with you to work on a mix in a new venue without the band there.

It would be nice to be able to flip between inputs to returns in groups of 24, but I don't expect Tascam to update the software and how many people track 24 at a time anymore? This method does not use the 24 busses or 8 groups, so you can use the groups for mixing and are not limited in how many channels you can track at once. Except by the number of micpres you have of course! You will need some 8 channel micpre units with digital outs to get into the DM4800 to use the full 48 tracks on your X48 for tracking and a couple cards maybe.


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