Tascam dm-4800 stereo question


Sep 30, 2012
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Hi all!!

I've got my set-up up and running with cubase 5.5 and it works like a charm. I've got a few things regarding panning and stuff I can't wrap my head arround.

When I've recorded a drum on 9 mono tracks. Hi-hat panned somewhat to the right, floortom somewhat to the left, etc. I send them to bus 1 & 2 (busses are paired in stereo) and not to the stereo bus, set-up loopback from bus 1&2 to ch.33&34 also paired to stereo. This way I can add some overall effects etc on the entire drumkit. I think I know why, but my original pannings of each individual mono tracks are gone when I do this. Is it because the mixer sends the mono hihat output to bus1 an 2 in equal power and doesn't take into account the panning (that it has to output more volume to bus2 then bus1) ? Basically doubling the hihat track? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your insights!

Kind regards,

In the manual it states that the busses can also be paired in 'pan mode'. Is this the way to go??

I think 'pan mode' is another way of describing 'dual mono.' In otherwords, you don't pair the busses for stereo, intead panning the elements where you want them on two mono busses. So if your hat is desired rightward, you assign it to a mono bus panned that way. Same for your tom; panned leftward to its indivdual buss

The other thing to keep in mind is, if you're pairing busses for stereo, the stereo channels you're looping them back to must be panned exactly the same way or you'll get a different panning trajectory.


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