Tascam DM on FlStudio

FL Studio is a semi-pro DAW that grew out of the music hobbyist's program Fruity Loops (hence the FL).

Commandantu, the DM FireWire interface connects to any DAW via core audio. Or are you referring to using the DM as a control surface for FL Studio? There's no native template in the DM for that DAW, but you could run it as a HUI, right?
There might be some information here, it's only possible to see all replies when logged in BTW.
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When Mackie Control works, Tascam will function as well as controller. But it seems that this software is not great with hardware controller support. If that is your question BTW.....
Image Line is the software developer of FL Studio, so it seems.


And here's some information:

Audio in/out settings:
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FL Studio is a semi-pro DAW that grew out of the music hobbyist's program Fruity Loops (hence the FL).

Wow! I didn't make that connection. Hadn't thought about F/Loops for quite a while now. First time I've heard of the DAW version too. :)

I probably need to get out more. :)

i just want the fader to work in FLStudio ... like a midi controler
Did you get it to work? I've been running fl studio with my dm3200 for about a year and a half now and believe me it wasn't easy to set it up.
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nope :( i tried a few times to setup the DM but I could not make the faders move ... i mean ... does move but when i touch the fader it's rocognized as a note like C# ... do you know what i mean ? if you could make a video about it I would be very grateful
For the record - making videos is a long process. Use the Pro Tools and Cubase videos I have already made and apply it to Fl Studio - it really isn't that different from Cubase. The way to set up the board is best shown in the Pro Tools video. FL Studio is not that advanced that it can't be used with board.
"If you could go into business creating training materials to show me, step-by-step, something I should be figuring out myself, I would pay you in gratitude for working hard so I don't have to."

Seriously... If touching a fader sends a note-on message, then you just don't have it set up correctly. Figuring out where you went wrong and why it doesn't work now will pay you in new trouble-shooting skills and a deeper understanding of your rig, a bonus in psychic income you can never spend. Dig in and learn it.
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Did you get it to work? I've been running fl studio with my dm3200 for about a year and a half now and believe me it wasn't easy to set it up.

can u make some pisc fo te Remote section ... i can't figure out ..... what do u have on ( Machine CTRL / EXT.CRTL )

ok so i can assigne anything to FL/DM ... on the remote section / machine CTRL i have I MTC Generate -- (ID) --(chase) TRA (on) --(REC) and on EXT.CTRL i have a 16 MIDI Mixer --(ID) midi (Port) 1-16(CH) .... let me know if u understand what i wrote

and now the problem : transport control dosen't work ...
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Sorry I didn't see any of your post last night. I'll take some pics and try to explain it later when I get out of work.
For some reason I'm having trouble loading the pics but I'll try to describe how I have mine setup. In the remote page---machine control list I have mc for logic selected. I also have it for external controller. Then in the fl studio options menu select midi settings. In the input section I have midiin5 and 6 enabled. The port on 5 is 102 and 6 is 103. In the output section I also use midiout5-6 and again port 102 for 5 and port 103 for 6. The only problem I come across with this setup is that I have to use the faders in reverse because on the remote assignment page both 1-8 and 9-16 come up as the same tracks on the daw. And if I hit the bank buttons right or left in the machine control section to change which tracks are being affected, it only allows me to move the top faders 1-8 and not the bottom 9-16. So faders 1-8 actually control channels 9-16 in the daw. Hope this helps!
i did manage to make it work BUT ! if a make an automation clip the fader dosen't react ... why ?

and ... if i save a project and close the FL , pull all faders to 0 (zero / infinite) open again the project ...the tascam dosen't recall the fader ...

do you understand me? if not I try to explain my self better ....

sorry for my bad english :D :(
If there is a science to get the DM series to work with applications that currently aren't documented, it would be great if someone could write those up and post for archive in the forum.
Do you have the remote layer selected?
Because that's how I have mine setup and all of that works for mine.
yes i have it ... i get stuck on the machine CTRL and EXT CTRL

i don't know what i have to select ...

motorized fader still not working

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