tascam dm user's los.Angeles. ca.


Feb 18, 2013
Gear owned
tascam dm4800 ..CD-RWHD1000
we would like to know of any Studios - post house's or Individual owners using the TASCAM DM4800 in the greater Los Angeles area

thanks in advance

I own and use a DM4800 in my capacity as Sound Supervisor for TV in LA. Editing, Predubbing and recording. Also have a DM3200 as a backup that was previously my main console. I run 3 seperate Pro Tools rigs in and out of the DM.
(1) PT10.3 HDX with a MacPro via TDIF from an HD8x8x8.
(2) PT9.06 HD with the same MacPro different boot via Adat from an 003.
(3) PT10.3 with a Win7 via Firewire from an Asus x79 Mobo.

I live record thru an external API lunchbox mic pres among others and the onboard pres as well as with a Digi 11 Rack. There is plenty of expansion leftover to do other things as the need arrises. It's a true Swiss Army knife of audio.

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