Tascam DM24 IFFW/DM firewire card


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Nov 16, 2012
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Tascam DM24
Dear Sir,
I need your help in the following issue. I own a Tascam DM24 mixer. Recently I have installed an IFFW/DM Firewire card. Before this I updated the mixer to version 3.0.
The Tascem recognises the FW card, but on the slot1 display there is a „1394 Status-error”, but also the Input: 24 tracks and the Output:24 tracks are shown below that.
If I click the Clock menu on the Digital display and I push the enter on the slot1 and I got a „Non supported „ message.
If I want to install on the Win XP it recognises it as a Sane Wave device, but during the installation it does not find a driver program.
I loaded down the "IFFWDM PC Driver Install 1.10" driver but the mixer does not work with this.
Can you help me to fix this problem?

Thank you, best regards
Have you previously attended card right? Is just bought this mixer from someone?
I think I died you card. Card has its own software and during installation the computer should install it. I have the same case.

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