Tascam DM3200 ML issues

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    Dm3200 mixer
    Hi, I have recently purchased a second hand DM3200 with IF/FW AN Mark II card installed and unfortunately all 16 of the input channels have white noise on them and are showing the clipping light (with no signals present at input).

    Channels 1-16 have their M/L inputs selected, and are configured to output to BUSS 1-16, and the noise goes away if I change channels the input to -----). I am monitoring the noise through the first headphone output.

    I do not get any noticable change by plugging a line level signal into the inputs (eg no signal is present at input)

    I have formatted the CF card and started a fresh project, and I have run the early startup menu diagnostics and all ran fine apart from the ones requiring external clock.

    I have got signal running through the mixer (and recorded into the computer via FW) using an adat interface, and the noise itself seems to respond to the channel eq, faders etc. Before I formatted the CF card the previous use date was 2018 and I believe the mixer was stored in dry conditions.

    My first thoughts are that a short caused by a dry capacitor early on in the signal chain could just be leaking dc across all of the other analog inputs although I have not opened the unit up yet to poke about a bit as it is my second day using the mixer and fingers crossed I have just misconfigured somthing in software.

    So, if anyone can spot any howling mistakes that I have made with setting the unit up I would be eternally grateful!

    If not, can anyone give me information about the possibility of recapping a beast such as this, (I have relatively large experience with recapping older hardware that is through hole, I have a vaccum desolder gun and electronics workbench etc, although I worry this is all surface mount.)

    Please follow this link to a video on google drive of the issue, as for some reason I am unable to upload it directly to this forum.