Tascam DM4800 remote button problem


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May 17, 2024
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Tascam DM4800
Hi guys. I managed to get my DM4800 working with logic pro x as a controller. however, the stop, play and record buttons still not working. how to activate these buttons in remote mode?
Hi guys. Anyone can help about this?

Does your mixer’s current setup have any MIDI or external devices assigned to the remote layer?

You may want to start w a fresh mixer snapshot and see if that makes a difference. Good luck!
There is too much information missing here to fix #1.

Is your studio set up w proper Midi Time Code and Midi Machine Control, and has it been set up on both the DM-4800 and Logic? MIDI start/stop of playback/record and syncing the two requires you set up MTC and MMC on both devices.

If you have set up Mackie Control for Logic in the DM’s REMOTE setup, make sure the button for TRA (transport) is on.
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