Tascam DP03 recordings:my set up.


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Aug 7, 2013
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DP-03 digital recorder
I bought a Tascam digital recorder DP03 a year ago.It replaced the Tascam cassette recorder.
I have my stage piano connected to the DP03 via dual 6.5 cables from piano out to DP03 Line A and Line B.
I run 1 x RCA from L out and 1 x RCA from R of DP03 to balanced (6.5) inputs to the KRK Rokit G3-5 monitored speakers. I record whatever on track 1 and 2.

I then export the 2 WAV files the DP03 to computer.I dont go through the process to make a stereo master track,etc.I import those 2 files to "Audacity" where I combine them then export them into another folder.
I've been doing it this way all the time.

This to me is a good way.Its simple.Does anyone else use this method?


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