Tascam DR-40, disappearing file


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Mar 30, 2014
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Tascam DR-40
Hi there,

I recently got a chance to use my TASCAM dr-40 for the first time, which worked wonderfully until it was time to transfer the files to my Mac's desk top(10.8.5).
Steps taken:
-Plugged the dr-40 via USB, selected Storage on the unit which showed up on my desktop as an external drive
-The two audio files I expected to see were on the drive and I selected one to listen to via Quicktime
-While the file was playing I noticed that the file I was listening to no longer appeared in the folder.
-Quicktime would not let me "save", or "save as" the file I was listening to
-Spotlight searches for the file on my Mac turned up nothing
-A browse on the dr-40 showed the file right where it should be and is playable on the dr-40
-any following attempts to download the file via USB on two different Macs the file was still missing. The same results after removing the SD card and plugging in directly with an adaptor.

Any ideas on how to retrieve this file?


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