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Mar 15, 2013
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Tascam DR-40
I just got my DR-40 and the sound is great. One problem: when I try to download a recording into my laptop the volume is very faint. Is there a way to increase the volume of the recordings I've made so that they're loud when I download them?
pcoleus said:
volume is very faint
Compared to what? If you compare your recordings to commercially published recordings, you have to remember those are treated with multiple techniques to pump up loudness. Just study terms "mastering" and "loudness war" and you may learn something.
When I say it is very faint, I mean that when I put it into iTunes for listening, it is hard to hear it even if the volume is turned all the way up. Is there some control on the DR-40 that lets you boost the volume and then save it. I thought I'd put it into GarageBand and then boost the volume and then save it so that it was loud enough. But I couldn't figure out how to get it into GarageBand.
Make shure you have set the level right. Set the unit to DUAL mode and DUAL LVL (DUAL Level) set to -6 dB. While recording, let the peak reach max -2 to -4 dB.

In DUAL mode the main stereo track (1-2) is the one you set to reach -2 dB and it has to be right. If this stereo track overload anytime you have the second stereo track (3-4) at 6 dB lower as backup. It must work.

Be careful if you are monitoring with headphone, may be you raise to much the level of the headphone and it sound like a good level, but this is wrong. Set first the level without the headphone just looking at the meters adjusting to set the peak between -2 and -4 MAX, without overload (never mind the light that flashes it is just saying to take care). When is ok plug the headphones and adjust a comfortable level.

This way if track 1-2 is not good, too loud, track 3-4 will be good.

When you good setting the peak you'll be good to record in Stereo Mode, overdubes and so.....

Edit: Also make sure you have a good source. How are you recording ? With internal mics or using the inputs ?
Thanks. I think I have it working now. I appreciate your input.
I had a similar problem on playback. found out I was recording too low. Record loud plays back loud. W/o distortion of course.

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