tascam m600 master section help !


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Feb 22, 2013
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m 600
hello tascam forums !
i just discovered this forum with joy, as i just got my hands on an old m600,
i did all the cleaning job, (air compressor/vaccum) and the master track was "repaired" in a special shop.
i changed all condensors and fuses from the power supply unit, and the m600 turns on, at the exeption of the master track : no led signal for the "on" button of the aux returns, no solos leds signals, actually no signals at all for master section..
as i got the original owner manual, i am now sure that everything is wired correctly,, but still doesn't know where the problem comes from.....what wire or component is wrong......
any ideas someone ? would be greatly appreciated.......

thanks a lot...
Are you sure all the caps are installed correctly?

I would do a voltage check on the main board input power connector to ensure you have all voltages and the correct ones going to the board.

You will need to find the power supply schematic in the manual if you have one and then identify the plug or plugs that power the main boards to check voltages.

What type repair was done on the master track as you have indicated?

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