Tascam Midistudio 644, pop noise

Eric Laurell

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Oct 30, 2022
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Tascam 644 Portastudio
Hi Everyone!

I recently bought an Tascam Midistudio 644 and i love it. But an random pop noise is coming from no where? I can’t figure out what to do about it.
I have tried in different electrical outlets but it still appears. I have tried using group out 1-2 as a monitor but the sound comes there too even though it is shown on group out 3-4? I also thought it was channel 7-8, but when I "disconnect them" from the groups, it is still heard.

I recorded the problem with my phone camera so you can hear it in action.
any help or suggestions is much welcome!
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Hi friend,
I have the exact same problem with a 644 (line 7-8 & group 3-4). I'm guessing it has something to do with time code signal, but haven't found a solution yet. There's two different popping signals, one is double the speed of the first..
If you are still active and have found a solution or more info, let me know, I'll do the same.
Jeroen (wooolfsounds dot com)

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