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Dec 14, 2014
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Tascam 788 MF P01
Hi everyone, new guy here. I have been doing a lot of research on replacing the drive in my 788 but now all the info is kind of blurring together. If anyone could tell what the 788 originally had in it or a drive model number that will work as a replacement that would be a big help.

The back story. About a year ago I knocked the 788 off the coffee table and it would not power up correctly. I replaced the drive with a WD PATA 320GB 7200 RPM Drive. It fired up and seemed to work properly and I discarded the original drive. When I actually tried recording a few days later I realized it was not working correctly [different tracks would skip during playing, recording would suddenly stop etc] and I thought that the mother board may have been damaged or that there was another issue. I am back to wondering if the drive I put in it is even compatible. I miss the 788 and using a MF-P01 is getting real old real quick.

my 788 has the following drive fitted:

Quantum Fireball lct15

Capacity7.5 GB
InterfaceUltra IDE (DMA-66 IDE)
Rotational Speed4400 RPM
Average Seek Time12 ms
Buffer512 KB

It's an original drive as it also has a factory sticker stating 788 HDD ver1.0. Also, this demonstrates that you don't necessarily need a fast 7200rpm replacement disk for the 788 to operate correctly. As with most things, you can still get these on eBay for around £20 ($30).

Out of interest my EEPROM has a Ver1.03 label on it, although the machine is running version 2.02 now. Before v2.0, the 788 could identify and use up to 16GB from a single hard drive. v2.0 increases the usable area to 64GB of space. I've seen reports of using 160GB drives successfully. The 7.5GB drive is quite noisy when sector searching and I expect a more modern drive would be a lot quieter.

Hope that helps.

That helps me big time. Thank you very much. Happy New Year.
Hello Warlock,
I have a 40+ gig drive in mine. I would have to look again, but it is packed in the trailer. I think it has 4 16G partitions.

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