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Aug 12, 2014
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Tascam DM-3200
hello :)

so the thing is .... i buy the tascam dm 3200 brand new whit all the accesori ( fire wire cards )

i menege to ( sinc ) the tascam whit sonar ... i mean that just the fader ,rec,solo,mute,play,stop etc etc work /// no EQ , no comp , no gate and i can't hear the sound from sonar ... i open sonar , open the mixer see if the fader work and drop in the play list a song and press play and boom! no sound :D

what should i do? i feel like going in circles :( ....
Hello and welcome.

There are at least 25 possible problems. No - make that 100. :?::oops:

First, tell us these things:

1. Have you EVER had Sonar and the DM working in ANY way together at all?

2. What SLOT number is your DM/Firewire card in?

3. What kind of computer - Mac or PC?

4. Since you bought the mixer new, do you have the MANUAL?

5. And do you have the MANUAL specifically for the DM3200 and Sonar?

1. NO
2. SLOT 1
3. processor intel(r) core(tm) i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz , memory RAM 8GB , operating system Windows 7 64 bit
4. Yes
5. No

( 6. firewire card for the pc : VIA 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller ) chipset VIA VT 6315N
compatible whit PCI-E REV 1.1 - compatible whit IEEE 1394-1995,1394a.2000and OHCI 1.1 Standards .... supports data transfer rates of 100 200 400 Mbps ... 3 external ports firewire ( 1394a) 6-pin + internal .... plug and play ... no drivers need
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Start with this:


That will get you set up so you can use the DM Remote Layer with Sonar.

Then, study the DManual; just follow the basic routing instructions to achieve signal in and out. Once you get that done, there are a gazillion variations to suit your working style.

At the DM-3200’s REMOTE > EXT.CTRL screen, add two MC for SOANR devices.

how do i make this ... evrytime when i tried to add ( two mc for sonar ) a message pops up ... ALREADY ASSIGNED !
It's a typo - you can only add one MC for Sonar.
meeeen i got some sound out :D jejejejejeje but the thing is that the song is in the chanel 4 on sonar ... but the fader is 18 on tascam ... but still i glad like a clovn :))
We like you too!
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