Tascam SX-1 vs Korg D32XD


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Sep 17, 2014
Bolton UK
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Hi all
I'm new on here
been on old site and directed to here
Just a quick question
I have just purchased a sx 1
and iv'e been using a Korg D32XD for a while
am I doing the right thing by changing to a sx 1
The Korg has served me well but the sx 1 seemed a better system with what iv'e read about it
any info would be grateful
cheers Graham
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Hi Graham,
I used an Akai DPS 24 in the past. The Akai the Korg D32XD the Yamaha AW 4416 and the Roland VS 2480/2400 are all the same kind of "all in one" work stations.
They SX 1 is in a different league. The advantage of working on a separate monitor creates so much better work flow and only the Roland had this option also.
The interface possibilities (extended with optional cards) makes this a much more versatile machine. The monitor section is very good and the editing capabilities out preform the other machines.
The feel of the SX 1 makes it in my opinion a good choice any time. I use a very power full computer with Presonus Studio One 2 on the side but most of my work is still done in the SX 1 because of the physical inter action.
The Studio One 2 software with TC Electronics plugins exposes the limitations of the SX 1 in deep editing and high quality plugins but I can still achieve great productions on just the SX 1 alone.
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thanks for the info
makes me feel better as I bought the sx 1 without doing research first
thanks again

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