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Feb 16, 2014
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Hello Guys,

at first, maybe someone can answer in german, but its not at have to...

My problem is, that i have no signal to midi in in ableton live 9 from my midi out keyboard korg microkorg.

At first i have to say that i test it on two other systems with 2 versions of ableton, so i know how it works, its no problem for me, so i think its a problem with windows 8.

It works on a 6 years old Intel Core X2 with Windows Vista 32 Bit with Ableton 8 & 9 (both the last versions) and on a AMD Athlon x4 Windows 7 64 Bit with the same Ableton 8 & 9 versions. I can work on this systems with all Midi in and Midi out functions.

But on my new Computer a Intel i7 64bit, 16GB Ram, Tascam US 122L, Windows 8 i have no Midi in signal in Ableton 9 or 8... my Tascam Us 122l have the signals you can see it on the RED blinking LED light on the Interface, the same signals as on as the other systems...
Windows 8 give the informations that all is correktly installed, you can see it in the hardware windows and/or you can do all other thinks with the Tascam Interface midi out funktions...
I have reinstall all DRiver and Programs with and without compability funktions, and i have to try all USB Cables USB 2.0 and 3.0 and i had change the USB ports with 3.0 and 2.0 but it wont work :(

So what the matter?

In German:

Mein Problem was ich habe ist, dass ich kein Midi In Signal in meinem Ableton 9 auf meinem Windows 8 64bit Rechner bekomme. Da ich noch einen Rechner mit Windows 7 64bit und einen Laptop Intel Core x2 habe, konnte ich es dort mit den neusten Versionen von Ableton 8 und 9 testen und dort funktioniert alles, egal mit welchem System.
Ich habe ein MicroKorg von Korg und über eine Tascam US 122 L sollen die Midi Out Daten des Microkorgs über den Midi In vom Tascam US 122 L in Ableton Live 9 rein. Es funktioniert aber nicht, es kommt einfach kein Signal in Ableton an. Die andere Systeme beweisen, dass ich alles richtig eingestellt habe, es muss also an Windows 8 liegen.
Ich habe mehrmals alle Treiber und Programme installiert, mit und ohne kompabillitäts einstellungen aber nichts hat geholfen. Zwischen den neuinstallationen habe ich mein System auch neu gestartet zur sicherheit.

Ich habe alle Kabel getauscht und verschiedene USB 2.0 und 3.0 ports ausprobiert, nichts hilft.

Also was ist da los? :)

Thx Mick
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It really is sad that support for the 122 is non-existent, I have a problem that the Midi ports are not working in Windows 8, I tried reinstalling the Tascam drivers but if you look in the device manager there is always an exclamation mark next to the midi device entry, and my sequencers dont recognise the midi ports, although they do recognize the audio ports...sorry i couldnt help you but it seems noone at Tascam could be arsed about this. I complained through this problem about a very commonly encountered problem known as "cyloning", where the interface would all of the sudden start producing science fiction noises for no reason, even though its been reported many times on the internet, tascam claim to know nothing about it. I am looking forward to ditching the 122 once I get the funds to get something better.

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