Tascam us 144 mkII slows down


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May 31, 2013
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tascam us 144 mkii
My Tascam us 144 mkII slows down video, audio and software related audio, with my normal pc audio there is no problem, it happend after updating the drivers. It does not happen when using my guitar.
This happens, if your audio is 48kHz and your interface is set up to 44.1kHz. Please check US 144's settings.
Oke in the config i find Sample Rate 44.1 but no possibility to change.
The Tascam constantly (about a week) loses itself and then i have to reinstall, what a stupid thing.
It loses constantly its device, after that i have to reconnect the usb cable to get audio.
Unbelievable, Windows sees the tascam but the device software of the tascam not.

I have a 144 mkII which has stopped working properly.

Everyone I put the usb cable in the green usb light comes on for 5 seconds before the red midi in light comes then nothing happens, no sound , no nothing.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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