Tascam US 1x2 specification mismatch

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    Tascam US 1X2
    I´ve bought a US 1x2 for using an electric guitar with VST because the specs where very good for this purpose. In tascam web you find these specs for instrument input:

    As you can see, the maximum input level (GAIN:MIN) is +10dBV. This is indeed very good as it can take hot pickups with no risk of clipping the converters.

    So, when I received and tested the unit I noticed that I had to set the gain almost at minimum with my guitar to avoid clipping....strange, since the +10dBV where supposed to be more than enough based on my experience with previous interfaces.

    Now, if we go to the user manual of the interface we get this:

    Max input level: +3 dBV
    Am I getting this wrong or Tascam has the specs all wrong in their website? If this is the case I feel rather disappointed, as my purchase was defined by incorrect information provided by them. If I knew this from the beggining I would have probably bought another interface.

    Update 10/7/18:
    I wrote an e-mail to Tascam support to let them know the error. They answered me saying the website value was in error and therefore they corrected it. If you visit their website you can see they modified it to the correct +3dBv value.
    It is now clear that the US1x2 has less headroom in the instrument input than the US2x2, so if you have hot pickups I recommend purchasing the 2x2.
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