TASCAM US-1X2 Stoped working on my PC USB ports

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    Jul 2021
    It's been a while since my USB ports started having some bugs mainly with the interface, and sometimes with my SSD HD, my keyboard and mouse, it usually happens if there are too much USB connected, but I can use those pheriperals just fine, the only thing that just doesn't work is the interface, sometimes when connecting it just pops up "usb unrecognizable" other times all lights just go on like this and never connects, also sometimes the lights just keep blinking, this is a new bug and I tried nearly everything, updated every driver, from the USB to the interface to the motherboard and BIOS, nothing changed. Rarely it does connects, but when I play any audio the lights turn all on like that and disconnects instantly, it's not peaking or clipping, the gain is down, this used to happen a lot on big peaks, but if I just reconnect it again it went back to normal, now it doesn't, I think the problem might be my USB and motherboard, as it does connects on other notebooks, I didn't really tried producing in the notebook cuz it sucks, but I will try just to make shure the interface is still working and rule that out. The interface must be like 3 years old, it never had this bug before, I wanna record and have no idea what to do, I need my interface working on my PC to work properly, please help

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