Tascam US-4x4 suddenly stopped working, all lights are blinking

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  1. Samuel Hirsh

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    Mar 2020
    US 4x4, US 16x08
    Earlier today i was recording with my Tascam US 4x4 interface and everything was functioning perfectly. I took a break for a few hours and when i came back and powered the unit back on, it stopped functioning completely. All of the LED lights on the front of the unit started blinking when the unit was powered on. When the phantom power is switched on, the phantom power LED is very faint. The unit is no longer recognized by my computer now. Anyone ever experienced this issue with one of these before? I've been using it for a while now and this is the first issue I've ever encountered with it.

    Reinstalled the latest drivers with no response, and checked the power supply which is still giving the correct voltage. Any ideas?

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