Tascam US-600 volume issue in standalone

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    Apr 2013
    Tascam US-600
    Hi all!

    I recently bough Tascam US-600 for my mini studio, planned to record drums and use it for "silent rehearsals". It did record drums quite well, but when I used in standalone mode the volume is so low, that it's pretty much unusable. My plan was to plug my POD HD 500 in, using XLR, one mic for vocals, one for bass and one for drums, purely for the practice purposes. So today I plugged my headphones, one mic and POD in (just to test before I take it to the rehearsal space) and the volume on the device is sooooo low. It's pretty much unusable as even the singer would drown it, not to mention about drums. Is this normal? Or should I be sending it back to the store?

    To answer your questions, yes I did turn the headphones volume up, channel vol till the point where it started to clip.