Tascam X-48MKII mangling files

Jim Brunberg

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Feb 3, 2014
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x48 Mk2
Hi there,
our x48 is pretty solid most of the time but we recently lost a client because a live show capture produced mangled files. They look fine and PLAY fine, but what they're playing is actually missing real time sounds. Hard to explain - there are no gaps, or "blank tape" - the wave file looks good. And it sounds exactly like it looks.

BUT there is time missing. Not timecode, or clock - but actual things that happened. On playback, an hour-long set yielded about 50-some (this is not exact) minutes of material.

The music, therefore, jumps around - it's as if someone were to (randomly, I believe) cut out a quarter of a second or so out of every few seconds and just mush the files back together (as if random edits were made in shuffle mode in protools). But these are the original audio files that the computer made when recording the show. Anyone else run into this? What do these symptoms indicate? A bad converter? Other shows have exactly the same settings but don't have this problem.

-Sound quality is fine. Nothing sounds sped up or slowed down, just missing time/sound.

Anyone have any insights into this?

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