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Nov 9, 2012
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Dm4800 msr16
How can I how hook the Tdif outs to analogue


Unfortunately you cannot do this because TDIF is a digital formal / signal which cannot be passed to an analouge signal without being first converted from digital to analouge.

Another DM could do this or any other device which accepts TDIF and outputs analoug such DA-88, MOTU 2408 but there no adapter / converter that will simply do this.

Great just got one 80 quid......

Cheers Antony
Ok so here's the plan. My msr 16 outs to line in dm4800. The 4800 Tdif outs to 2408 converter then Tdif breakout cable to msr 16 in.?
I dont know much abour the msr16 but assuming it has tdif inputs but that makes no sence or else you would be able to go tdif from Dm4800 to msr16.

What i/o's does the msr have on it?
There 16 phono and then 2 accessory inputs which I presume are for sync options and a remote I don't think it has Tdif.
4800Tdifs (just so you know, tdif will send ins and outs over the connection) to 2408 and 2408 analouge to msr. Should work.
Great, a little help on routing. I have my 4800 inputs as so. 1-8 adat from focusrite pre amp. 9 - 20 xlr live room feed and 21- 24 pre amps. Would I go to routing/output slot and set outputs 1-24 as Tdif?
My tape return as it were will be dm 4800 line in.
Yes that is correct. The returns will bring whatever signal you have coming out of the 2408 which I assume will be your msr

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