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Oct 21, 2012
Gear owned
DM 4800
Greetings everyone. I've been running a home-based project studio for 10 years now. As a drummer, I have been in constant pursuit of a great sounding multichannel rig that doesn't break the bank. I use Logic Pro on an iMac, and started multichannel recording with one Presonus FP10 and soon added another. Once I started realizing the sonic limitations of that approach, and my financial situation improved somewhat, I decided to make some changes.

About three years ago, I purchased two API 3124 preamps and an Oram Octasonics EQ. This created huge improvements with my recorded sound, but I soon became frustrated by the limitations of mixing in the box. I began searching for an effective solution to multichannel tracking, mixing, and mastering, including motorised faders and digital routing capabilities.

After two years of scanning the digital mixer scene, I purchased a Tascam DM4800 with the meter bridge and firewire card. It offers the flexibility I want but often requires more time and expertise than I currently possess to figure it all out on my own! There is much to learn with the DM4800: I have not yet established time code on the meter bridge, the faders are not responding to Logic automations yet, and I still don't have stop/start/record automations on the board working yet.

I am very grateful to see the Tascam Forum up and running again. I am currently writing songs for a country/rock project and will have lots of questions!

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