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Sep 28, 2012
I used to have 3 rooms comprising 700 sqft. Today, working in one room. But that room is in the North Bay. :). Here's how I'm doing it; the closet is half storage, half guitar ISO booth.

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Nice looking room, Jim. All that's missing are some new awards. (tm). ;)

I had a similar configuration in our home in Seattle and it worked out quite well. Adapted a closet for an iso booth, too. Did a lot of work in that environment until opportunities (and too much precipitation) prompted us to move back to the Bay Area. :)

Yeah, Noah couldn't hack the weather up there, either... He and Kelli moved down from Bellevue to San Anselmo after a family vacation in SF where it was 72 and sunny every day for a week (some kind of miracle for the city). The room is working really well... It sounds good, everything is to grab, I can be recording electric guitar through my amp almost as fast as I could with a modeler ... And something about the sunshine and the coziness of the room is making me insanely productive. Older son Aiden says clinical studies show people are more productive in tighter spaces where everything is task-oriented, and that may be part of it... but I also suspect it's just feeling happier that makes the work flow.
I'm a believer in smaller mix rooms too, although it's more a function of easier acoustic control Still, I think your son is onto something; having everything organized and within easy reach is time saving and conducive to creativity. And Santa Rosa's environment can't hurt either.


Easier acoustic control is right! I hung five 2'x2'x2" panels... Three behind me, one on each side wall... and a 4'x2'x1" panel overhead as a cloud, and boom. In a room this size, all you have to do is kill the early reflections and you're pretty much there.
Yep! Similar to what I did - a few clouds, corner traps - a pair of large absorption panels, and a little rolled carpet above the mix station. The room gives me a realistic audio picture - whether in the nearfield sweet spot or further back.

Bigger isn't ALWAYS better. :)

I'm thinking of corner traps, too... there's till some ugly, yellow low-mid build up... but since it was designed to be a bedroom, I'm limited on what I can do. First step (today, AAMOF) is to teak the monitors a bit more.
You might want to try this; if it doesn't work, the investment's practically nil:

Get some cheap 'roofing composite wood' at Homey Despot - single sheet cut into four 8' x 12"sections (height determined by room). Nail two (or three depending on your needs) 12" x 12" Auralex (or equivalent) trap squares onto each panel. Then, place in each corner of room (can be temp nailed or Velcro-ed.)

Essentially, the wood is not only flexible, allowing easier placement, it's also partially reflective preventing the room from being too 'dead. The Auralex compensates by sucking up the 'yellow' goo that likes to resonate (flutter) in those corners.

Worth a shot - or some form of it. :)

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