The Renovated Bastudio


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Oct 2, 2012
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Guess it would help if you knew what it looked like before :)
The wall opposite the console didn't exist. It was a staircase and a landing that came into the room. There was no door at the top of the staircase either so sound was uncontrollable. I had to hang movers blankets from a soffit to get some sort of isolation. The renovation was to create a separate room starting from the landing and the "live" room which is the room you can see through the glass which is also now separated by 2 doors. I should have done before and after shots for my own personal documentation. Oh well! Last job I am having done next month is recessed lighting in place of the huge fluorescent fixture dead center of the console room.
well, I think you've just sold me on the 2seemy mod.
Now that I have it, I can't imagine looking at that tiny LCD screen again. I wish the LCD could be turned off. Someone in the forum installed an off switch mod but that's beyond my skillset I'm sure!
Nice! I also like the Velvet Underground type song that's playing.
Funny but no way! :)

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