Think a fader motor has broke


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Nov 9, 2012
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Dm4800 msr16
I think one of my fader motors have broken. The fader works, and automates logic perfect but is intermittently not moving. Any ideas of price and how straight forward or not a refit is.

Have you tried to adjust touch-sensitivity of your DM? I had a similar problem about year and half ago: one fader got stuck. Just like in your case, it worked fine, but motor didn't move it. Found out, it thought I was having my finger on it (by setting the peak leds to show fader touch). All this because there was a thunderstorm night before and air humidity was extreamly high. Adjusting the touch-sensitivity setting fixed the problem.
No haven't will try in the morning where will I find that utility.
You might also want to go into diagnostic mode and do separate Fader Touch and Fader Motor tests. Power up the DM while holding down the Shift button and the 1 and 2 button under the Output Assign section.
I tried the diagnostic test when I first noticed it. But for some reason it started working again today. Could it be a temperature issue, it gets pretty cold in the studio in winter over night.
Could be.. how cold are we talking? But if it was temperature related, wouldn't more than one fader react to the climate condition?
Nothing's frozen, but its cold. Maybe I'll cover it and see if its different.
Are other faders affected or just this one?
Yes channel 3 dropped did the same but seems fine now. It's been intermittent so maybe there going.
A cover and some of those soda filled sackets (you can retrieve them from big electronics items shipped to you) put them in a cloth bag and lay it besides the mixer (or if the mixer lives in a Arosys kind of enclosure, put it underneath) can cure this...
I can safely say that the cold is no good for your dm. When I get into the studio and its cold it does odd things, but give 10 mins and its all back to life.
what did you do? How cold are we talking? What about studios that are air conditioned? In the winter time my studio is somtimes 65 degrees constantly and I haven't had problems.
Mine is air conned, but I'm in north London and were down to about 0 at nights. The studio is carved out of 1920 industrial units which by coincidence I just found out that Colin Chapman of Lotus racing built the first Lotus race car there the lotus 1.

Or maybe its just my dm.
You did not know ghosts just love motorized faders? They send morse over by fadermovements.
Dude I would seriously look for a warmer place to put my equipment. I believe that is beyond the threshold of operation according to the manufacturer (of all audio equipment!)
Must be Celcius since he's in Britain. That's 32 deg Fahrenheit..
32 degrees.. still super $%$# cold! :)
Yea it is, but were back to about 8 and all is cool.
Anyway I've been ny in winter and that gets pretty cold. But I reckon inside the studio the coldest would be about 2-4 overnight.
It hasn't been cold in NYC for a number of years now. Last 2 years I never even broke out my winter coat!

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